Why Should I Cleanse on a Full Moon?

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Does the moon have a special influence on cleansing?  Can I use the specific moon cycles to optimize my cleansing experience?  Does the full moon really affect my body?  The answer to all of these questions is yes! The full moon is the perfect time to cleanse every aspect of your life, both mentally and physically. 

How does the full moon affect my body?

The full moon has an interesting impact on hormones and chemical balance in the brain, especially melatonin levels, which naturally drop every full moon. This impacts your sleep and can also make your immune system more vulnerable.  Many women find that they toss and turn more during the days leading up to a full moon.

So, why should I cleanse on a full moon?

As the brightness of the full moon light causes melatonin to naturally decrease, serotonin levels increase.  The increased serotonin impacts parasitic behavior because just like us, parasites have serotonin receptors. An increase in serotonin during the full moon helps increase parasites’ mobility (meaning they are naturally more active and easier to target!)

Parasites are all around us and a part of life.  They can also have a huge impact on our state of health.  Parasites can cause so many symptoms of dis-ease.  So you can understand why it is important to target them through proper cleansing!

Why do I feel worse when the moon is full?

If you notice that your body’s communications are stronger and more intense around a full moon, that is not a coincidence.  As more and more parasites build up in the body over time, chronic symptoms can develop.   A full moon is the optimum time for parasites to increase their activity and wreak havoc in the body. That is why people with heavy parasite loads will feel worse during a full moon.

Support your full moon parasite cleanse

Inside the Cleansing Circle, we have specific protocols to target parasites at this vulnerable time with holistic and natural remedies that support the body’s natural detoxing process.  The results that hundreds of women have experienced are incredible and the pictures speak for themselves.  If you love organized, clear and easy-to-follow instructions then you will love the incredible resources you will find inside the Cleansing Circle.  It literally covers EVERYTHING you need to know, including exactly how to cleanse, how to support your body pre and post-cleanse, and how to support each and every one of your body’s drainage pathways.

April 23 is the next full moon!  

Starting a cleanse or detox a few days before, during and/or on a full moon is extremely beneficial for targeting parasites. Parasites are, without a doubt, impacting you. To what degree, depends on your current state of terrain. I have yet to meet someone who didn’t need to target parasites as part of their healing journey. Remember, ridding parasites reduces your overall toxic load because parasites eat toxins - like environmental chemicals and heavy metals. The parasites are THERE because the toxins are there. With parasite cleansing, you take care of two things at once. Talk about being efficient!

You won't regret targeting parasites.

Targeting parasites is something that you won’t regret making a priority. Not everyone is ready to start targeting parasites right away, but inside the Cleansing Circle, you will learn how to prime your body for an amazing and effective cleanse experience. And, once you start targeting parasites around the full moon, you will be mind blown at what leaves your body!

As Dr. Hulda Clark says, “I hope you have come to the same conclusion that I did a few years ago! That we humans don’t have hundreds of different maladies and disturbances. We only have two! Things that crawl or climb into us. And toxins: unnatural chemicals that we unknowingly inhale or consume.  But now you can throw the rascals out and reclaim your territory. It is not new genes you need, you simply need your own genes back on the job, directed by your own body, working for you.”

Join the Cleansing Circle to get started today!

A one time time payment of $97 gets you into the Cleansing Circle for an entire year!  Because cleansing is NOT a one-time experience.  It is something that you will continue throughout the year.  So even if this is your first time cleansing, join now and plan your full moon cleanse at the optimal time for your own body.  Join now and give your body the gift of cleansing!

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