The One Thing Many Cleanses Get Wrong

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You’ve probably seen just how many “cleanses” exist in the wellness world.  There are capsules, juice cleanses, liver cleanses, and special diets.  The choices are endless!  But there is one thing that many cleanses get wrong.  And if this one crucial thing is omitted, your cleanse may leave you feeling worse than before you started.  Here’s exactly why that happens and what needs to be in place to cleanse successfully.

To Cleanse Successfully, Your Drainage Pathways Must Be Open.

Your drainage pathways are the routes your body uses to remove toxins effectively.  In other words, your drainage pathways are your channels of elimination.  And if these channels are blocked, then toxins have nowhere to go.  So, it’s really important to support these channels before, during, and after your actual cleanse.

Taking Out the Trash.

Imagine that it is time to clean your house.  So you go from room to room, gathering waste and putting it into garbage sacks.  Your floors look pretty clean!  But instead of taking the garbage sacks out for the trash collector, you just let them sit in your house.  Within a few hours, things are getting pretty stinky.  And within a few days, the stretch is probably unbearable.  Doing a cleanse without ensuring that your drainage pathways are open is just like cleaning your house and not taking the garbage out.

Meet Your Drainage Pathways

Your major drainage pathways are the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, lymphatic system, organs/tissues, and cells.  All of these pathways work together like a giant funnel, with one system leading into the next.  The cleansing process begins in your body's cells and then moves into the tissues and organs.  From there, toxins are released into the lymphatic system and then into the liver and bile ducts.  Finally, they are excreted via the colon.

The Plumbing Must Be Open

Since all toxins and wastes leaving the body must exist through the colon, it is incredibly important that the colon is functioning optimally.  If the colon is backed up, everything upstream from it can become backed up as well. That can happen when constipated. If you are suffering from chronic constipation, you’re not efficiently removing the wastes and toxins your body needs to clean out. You have to poop regularly!  Starting a cleanse without first supporting this drainage pathway can create more symptoms.

Love Your Liver, Too

Right above your colon are your liver and bile ducts.  Your liver is a hard-working detox machine!  It separates the beneficial elements that your body needs from the wastes.  And it does this with every single thing that passes through your body!  Food, drink, supplements, pharmaceuticals, etc.  Whatever is deemed by the liver as waste is filtered from the blood and processed for elimination. This is where the bile ducts come in. The bile is released through the common bile duct into the small intestine during digestion. Some of the bile is caught up in stools and eliminated. That helps lower the toxin level in the body.  So, your liver needs extra support during a cleanse as it is working extra hard to process all the toxins being stirred up.

Other Beautiful Pathways

Your skin is your largest organ and a magnificent detoxifier.  Your skin detoxes through sweating.  Your kidneys also work hard to filter and eliminate toxins via the urine.  Your lymphatic system acts like a garbage collector for the body.  It is also your first defense against acute illness as it sweeps immune cells through your body to seek out and remove unfriendly bacteria and toxins. 

How to Cleanse Effectively

To cleanse effectively, all drainage pathways need to be open and supported.  It can be overwhelming to research for yourself all of the channels and the various methods to help them when cleansing.  That’s one of the beautiful things about the Cleansing Circle - everything is laid out for you with clear instructions and options.  You will KNOW exactly how to support your body with pre and post-cleanse protocols that ensure your drainage pathways are functioning correctly.  And, support is available if questions come up.  

The Time is Now.

Join the Cleansing Circle and experience the awe of witnessing your body’s ability to cleanse.  Join here!

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