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Your Kid Is Not A Bad Kid [Free Class — Instant Access]

From frequent meltdowns to anxiety and anger - what you need to know to heal your child's nervous system.

In this free class I'll talk about how to reframe our mindset when we show up to those big feelings our kiddos have.

When we are able to show up with an additional level of understanding, it can change everything. 


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Children & Cavities — What You Need To Know To Prevent And Heal [Instant Access]

When it comes to cavities, our teeth were not designed for decay. They were designed to remain strong, resilient and cavity-free our entire lives. 

I’ll walk you through how cavities happen, step by step, and what you can do to correct and heal the body. Because remember, a filling, crown or sealant does nothing to actually get to the root cause and answer the body’s cry for help. 

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Dr. Tonya's Natural Remedies [Free Guide]

Instead of trying to prevent illness, think about ways to fill in the gaps so that when your child does get sick, they bounce back quickly! And know that your strong commitment to prevention is going to radically change how their body is able to show up to the saturation of toxins that we live in — not just now, but in their future.

...Because the foundation for a long, healthy life starts in childhood.

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Transforming Your Picky Eater [Free Class — Instant Access]

If you have a picky eater, you’re not alone. There are more picky eaters than EVER before. If you’re exhausted from nightly dinner table battles or tired of having to make two meals every night… Let’s talk.
Picky eating is communication. And there are plenty of reasons why…Join me for an eye-opening discussion on the root causes of picky eating and how to start the transformation process NOW.
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Dr. Tonya's Guide to Water & Hydration [Free Guide]

In my free guide, I’ll share with you the must-knows about water, including the best practices to supercharge your water every time you fill up your glass.

This alone has the power to boost your family’s health quickly!

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