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In my free, private pop-up group I'll be teaching all about how the body uses the clues and communications to direct you to exactly where it needs support.

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Quick Resources:

Dr. Tonya's Natural Remedies [Free Guide]

Instead of trying to prevent illness, think about ways to fill in the gaps so that when your child does get sick, they bounce back quickly! And know that your strong commitment to prevention is going to radically change how their body is able to show up to the saturation of toxins that we live in — not just now, but in their future.

...Because the foundation for a long, healthy life starts in childhood.

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Children and Cavities — What You Need To Know To Prevent And Heal

When it comes to cavities, our teeth were not designed for decay. They were designed to remain strong, resilient and cavity-free our entire lives. 

I’ll walk you through how cavities happen, step by step, and what you can do to correct and heal the body. Because remember, a filling, crown or sealant does nothing to actually get to the root cause and answer the body’s cry for help. 

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Could It Be Toxicity? [Free Masterclass]

What if every year, you FELT truly better? 💜 This is what’s possible for the women in my world.
As a Naturopathic Doctor, I believe this may be the most important conversation you’ve ever had - helping you truly SEE the path to real healing and getting the momentum you desire!
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