How to Cleanse Safely and Effectively

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If you’ve never cleansed before I guarantee that you probably have lots of symptoms coming from your body, asking you to create space to cleanse.  Cleansing is the way to upgrade your terrain and feel better than you ever have before.  But, there is so much conflicting information out there about how to cleanse! 

I’m going to explain exactly how to cleanse safely and effectively.

First, let’s get clear about what cleansing is NOT.

Cleansing is not about taking a handful of supplements to drop a few pounds quickly for swimsuit season.  It’s not about starvation or causing the body more stress.  Cleansing is not a detox shake that you have for breakfast each morning.  Cleansing isn’t about depletion, dieting and deprivation.

Cleansing is a lifetime commitment. 

Each time you cleanse, you get to peel back another layer to your personal health story.  Your body is able to shed years of accumulated toxins, parasites, heavy metals and contaminants, but this is an ongoing process.  We are constantly exposed.  And once you start to cleanse and realize just how good you can feel, I promise you will commit to a lifetime of supporting your body through regular cleansing.

There are many ways to cleanse your body.

There are so many options for cleansing!  Within The Cleansing Circle, there are 7 different cleanses.  Yes, you can cleanse during your menstrual cycle with the right instruction.  And yes, there is a gentle cleanse that is safe while breastfeeding.  A mini cleanse or a colon cleanse is a perfect place to start if you have never cleansed before.  And all of these cleansing techniques come with full support and instruction.

The one thing most “cleanses” get wrong:

When cleansing it is incredibly important to keep the drainage pathways open.  These pathways include the colon, liver & bile ducts, skin, kidneys, lungs, lymphatic system, organs & tissues, and cells.  If these pathways are closed, then the toxins that are stirred up by cleansing have nowhere to go!  This is where cleansing can go wrong and cause a person to feel much worse instead of better.  If you’ve ever tried a cleanse and it didn’t go great, this is probably why!

Supporting the drainage pathways

Within The Cleansing Circle, all of the drainage pathways are opened and supported through various specific modalities.  And these are all things that YOU can do yourself, at home.  The support of the guides and the online community means that you can ask questions in real time and find the answers you need to help your cleanse be as effective as possible.

How to Cleanse Safely and Effectively

The most important factors in cleansing safely and effectively is to understand how to do the cleanse that you have chosen, how to keep your drainage pathways open and how to support your body so that it stays hydrated, and has space to do the work that it knows how to do.  At the end of the day, cleansing is about removing the roadblocks that are keeping the body from reaching homeostasis.

The time is now.

Consider joining the cleansing circle if your body has been showing you signs of toxicity.  Spring is the perfect season to welcome a cleanse.  Your cleansing experience will be simple, supported and super clear. You will know how to plan your cleanse so that you are successful. 

Join The Cleansing Circle here.

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