The Biggest Issue in Women's Health

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Minerals are what we are made of. Full stop. Read that again. If you are depleted in minerals, then your body will not be able to function properly. This is such a big deal and this is why mineral depletion is one of the main causes of all inflammation, accelerated aging and disease today.

Here’s the simplest way to look at this:

When you are depleted (which, unless you are doing intentional mineral building, you likely are), your body’s drainage pathways become compromised. When this happens, toxicity is quick to compound. This is why symptoms manifest. Think about it: Your body gets stuck in a weakened state and does not have the energy to keep up with day-to-day detoxification efforts. 

Mineral depletion and toxicity are, without a doubt, the biggest issue in women’s health today.

What the heck is causing such widespread mineral depletion, you might be asking? Maybe you already take a daily multivitamin (spoiler alert: this is NOT enough). And you try to eat organically. So you should be fine, right?

Maybe not. I’m about to drop a bomb that may blow your mind.  

First, stress is a huge barrier to proper mineralization. 

It's hard to say which came first - the stress or the depleted minerals - because one leads to the other, always! Stress comes in physical and mental forms but it makes no difference to your body.  Either way, stress causes your minerals to be burned through super fast.

Second, as a culture, we are over-eating highly processed foods.  

Some of these foods are disguised as natural and organic convenience foods! We are overfed and undernourished. Many of us eat too much sugar - it’s hiding in everything! Having a sweet tooth isn’t harmless because not only is sugar empty of any nutrients, it actually depletes our mineral stores! So, it’s stealing from us in a major way.

What happens when we eat tons of the sweet stuff? Our insulin rises, which causes us to lose calcium and magnesium. And we become inflamed - when that happens, our bodies need more minerals just to put the fire out. So, you can be sure that the more refined and ultra-processed foods you have in your daily diet, the more mineral-depleted you become.

Third, it’s hard to find food that’s not poisoned. 

Our foods are now grown in soils that are depleted, pumped full of chemical fertilizers and sprayed freely with herbicides and pesticides. This nasty stuff kills the good bacteria in the soil that is responsible for helping plants take in nutrients. To add insult to injury, glyphosate, which is sprayed on many crops to kill weeds, acts like an antibiotic and ties up the minerals in your body. 

Heavy metals, which are found literally everywhere in our modern lives from contact lens solution and dental fillings to personal care products and pharmaceuticals, compete for absorption in our body with minerals. And they can cause their own chaos in the body, including - you guessed it - more inflammation!

The biggest issue facing women

Can you see how we are under attack and why this issue is so important to any woman suffering from chronic illness? This isn’t something we can tiptoe around and pretend doesn’t exist, because it’s real and it’s part of our world. 

But there is a lot that we can do about it, and it can be simple.  

We start with activating the drainage pathways and then creating a little space to cleanse properly. You will not only release toxicity but target heavy metals, glyphosate and parasites. And then you can build up your mineral reserves through true nourishment.  This one-two punch creates change that you can feel in your body and things just get better and better from there!

Start to create real health in your life

This is why I am so passionate about the Cleansing Circle, where you learn step-by-step exactly why and how to do the cleansing work. You release the accumulated toxins while simultaneously building up your minerals.  It’s incredible work with results that truly speak for themselves.  This isn’t a magic pill or special protocol. It’s the real work that moves the needle on your health story. Join the Cleansing Circle now!

This is also a peek at the deeper work that goes on within my signature program, Fiercely Empowered Mama. If true healing is something you are seeking for yourself, your children and your loved ones, get on the waiting list here.


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