Your Body is not the Enemy

#bodytalk #communications #holisticwellness #hydration #natural #naturalhealth #naturopathy #symptoms Apr 29, 2024

There, I said it: Your body is not out to get you. It's not broken. It's not too much or not enough.Your body did not fail you.

Your body is not the enemy.

It’s time to stop being at war with your body. It’s time to start trusting your body as the teller of truth… If you listen, your body will tell you everything. It’s constantly communicating. Often, these communications start as a faint whisper, and they slowly build into deep cries for help.

Instead of listening, leaning in and doing the work to HEAL, you may fall trap to “making things go away,” to suppressing symptoms, to driving your issues deeper in your tissues. This is equivalent to telling your body to shut up… that you’re much too busy to listen.

This starts a domino effect.

Before you know it, your body appears to be failing you, but in reality, it’s doing everything it possibly can to save you from you.

For a minute, your body may shut up, because you asked it to… But eventually, the cries come back, only louder and more persistent because your body is begging to supported.

Listening to our bodies is not a practice we’ve been taught, it’s something we each have to learn.

And that learning starts now. It starts by:

 - Drinking more water (choosing clean, filtered, mineralized water or infusions)

 - Choosing nourishment

 - Drinking less coffee

 - Nurturing positive thinking

 - Making more space to breathe and to be

 - Honoring and to celebrating all the incredible gifts your body brings to you on this journey

Give yourself 5 minutes today and lean into your body’s communications… what does she have to say? Do a quick body scan… what is asking for support?

Did you get enough water today? Enough fats?

Did you get enough rest last night?

Is there achiness that’s asking for attention? Pain in your body? Discomfort?

What about your thoughts? Are you experiencing emotional blockages?

Is there something trying to rob your attention (worry/fear/doubt) and keep you from being present? Where are you? Are you here? Or are you numbing out?

Are you getting enough oxygen? I’m being serious… so many of us are so busy and so stressed that we’re not even creating space to BREATHE.

And if you have no idea where to start, let me help you.

This is the work that I do. I will teach you how to know yourself. The Cleansing Circle is a beautiful place to start by offering your body space to cleanse toxins while truly nourishing. And this is the bigger work we do inside of FEM by honoring the communications from the body. Get on the waitlist here.




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