Why Do People Fail At Cleansing?

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Maybe you’ve already tried a cleanse and you were expecting great results, only to be disappointed by how you felt afterward.  Maybe you even felt worse.  What gives?  Why do some people report fantastic shifts in their health after a cleanse and why do some people fail at cleansing?

You’re Just Not That Committed

Sorry, but I am going to be blunt, here.  Cleansing isn’t exactly fun and it definitely takes commitment.  So often people will get excited about a quick fix, they will sign up for some cleanse - cleanse they saw on social media or read about in a book, and when push comes to shove, they don’t have a “why”. And if you’re not feeling committed, it really means that your knowledge game isn’t strong enough or your reason to cleanse isn’t deep enough.  This isn’t a personal fault.  It just means that you need more information on the “why” and “how”.  Your “why” has to be bigger than your doubts, your fears, and the discomfort and challenges of healing that may come your way.

You Don’t Have Enough Support

If you’ve never cleansed before or if you don’t have trust in your body’s way of communicating with you, you can feel lost when starting a cleanse.  You might have all the right intentions and feel strongly connected to your “why” to start strong, but if you don’t have the right support, you may end your cleanse early without even realizing it.  When you are cleansing, things come up like headaches, muscle aches, a little bit of retracing, or perhaps exhaustion.  Parasite cleansing can be especially intense. If you don’t have support in place, these communications can feel overwhelming and you might take them as a sign to quit.

You’re Taking Shortcuts

Cleansing is not about shortcuts.  To cleanse effectively, your channels of elimination must be open and you support these channels throughout the entire cleansing process.  If you skip this step, the toxins will have nowhere to go.  It is crucial to go through a pre-cleanse process and a post-cleanse process to ensure that all of the toxins that have been stirred up are eliminated.

How to Have a Successful Cleanse

Let me ask you: If you were to choose between low or high energy what would you choose? The answer is easy, right?  After a successful cleanse, you can enjoy this alive, high-vibing energy state and it is possible within the Cleansing Circle.

Inside of the Cleansing Circle, you are offered the “whys” and the “hows” to solidify your commitment to cleansing.  You are given the support you need when things come up.  And you are given pre and post-cleanse protocols to ensure that your cleanse is complete and successful.  You will not regret creating space and cleansing your body!  Join the Cleansing Circle today!

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