5 Benefits of Cleansing

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Is cleansing necessary?

People ask why you need to cleanse – it does it naturally.  That’s true - a healthy body does cleanse naturally.  However, a healthy body only eats foods found in nature without chemicals, GMOs, additives or preservatives.  A healthy body doesn’t sit at a desk all day under fluorescent light. A healthy body isn’t inundated with EMFs like wifi and 5G.  It doesn’t inject or take pharmaceutical or OTC drugs and things that the body wasn’t designed to have in it.

Do you do all of those?

It’s hard!  You were born into a healthy body, but that body must exist in a toxic world.  This is why cleansing is so necessary and makes such a huge difference in an individual’s health story.

Okay, so what can cleansing do for me?

Cleansing can give amazing immediate benefits like having way more energy, much deeper sleep and an incredible glow to your skin!  But that’s just the start. 

Here are 5 benefits of cleansing:

1. Lose toxic pounds and feel so much lighter.

After a cleanse you will notice that your channels of elimination are open!  Because of this, you are done with chronic constipation.  Your bowels have released years of toxic accumulation, biofilms, and possibly parasites.  You’ll notice that you feel lighter, your clothes fit better and your tummy feels flatter.

2. Give your immune system the ultimate boost.

Do you feel like you're constantly experiencing symptoms of acute illness? Runny nose, coughing, congestion? Did you know that your body uses illness as a way to detox? All of that snot is just your body trying to work out TOXINS. When you create intentional space through cleansing, your body will instantly become more resilient because you instantly become less toxic. Amazing, right?

3. Reduce swelling and pain.

Yes!  This is the result of a major decrease in systemic inflammation after cleansing.  Your daily headaches are gone.  Joints feel stronger and less swollen.  Your tissues are hydrated and mineralized so your body feels incredible. You’ll feel super motivated to commit to a workout regimen!

4. Feel in total control of your food cravings.

So many women report this benefit after cleansing.  Your cravings for sugar, chocolate, caffeine or (insert whatever junk food here) are gone!  You feel in tune with what your body is asking for in terms of nourishment.  It feels effortless to stick to a whole-food diet that truly supports you.

5. Hormone balance and a better cycle

Cleansing opens up space for your body to completely re-calibrate.  Women report easier cycles, less cramping and clotting, and increased fertility!  Your reproductive system is so sensitive to toxins.  When you cleanse, your toxic load is lessened and all hormones have the opportunity to come into balance.

Spring is the perfect time to cleanse!

In the same way you spring clean your home, it is a good idea to spring clean your body.  Spring is a natural time of cleansing, rejuvenation, new beginnings and fresh starts.  

Cleansing is the ultimate release and reset.  I am so passionate about this, I offer a class that teaches you exactly how to safely and effectively cleanse your body - the Cleansing Circle

For one low payment of $97 you get:

  • One-year access to the Cleansing Circle Portal
  • One year inside our private Facebook group
  • Six cleansing options
  • Self-assessment forms
  • Ongoing support from Dr.Tonya & TeamTonya
  • Exclusive coupon codes to a Naturopathically curated shop
  • Step-by-step guides, protocols and instructions

Seriously, what are you waiting for?  This is your sign that it is time to cleanse and upgrade your health in major ways!  Give yourself the full-body gift of cleansing.  Join the Cleansing Circle here!

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