What is My Body Trying to Tell Me?

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What is My Body Trying to Tell Me

Your body is amazing and when things start to go wrong, there are always signs.  Maybe you have a bunch of symptoms that don’t seem related.  Nothing diagnosable; just a lot of little odd issues.  Why are my lips always chapped? Why do I have white spots on my nails?  Why do I keep waking up at 3 am?  What is my body trying to tell me?

There have been so many signs right in front of you.

Your body is trying to communicate with you, pointing you to why your health is the way it is.  Every day it is sending your major signs, signals, and love notes.  You may notice different symptoms in your eyes, your hair, your nails and your teeth.  And you know that your body is trying to communicate through these signs.  But what is it saying?

You feel like your body is failing you

You start to believe that your body is broken.  It is failing and causing you to be sick and miserable.  But what if the opposite is actually true?  What if your body loves you so much that all along it has been trying to get your attention?  Maybe quietly at first, and then more loudly.  Because your body loves and supports you, and it wants you to know what is going on!

Your body works for you

Every single day, your body is working hard to support you.  It is not working against you, even if it starts to feel that way sometimes.  And it has definitely never been out to get you.  It’s literally trying to serve you.  Every single sign or symptom that pops up is like a check engine light.  Your body is saying, “Hey!  I need some love here!  I could use some help.”

The problem is we don’t understand the language of the body

You know there are signs but no one has taught you how to read them.  That’s where Body Talk comes in.  This course is all about learning to listen to and understand what your body is trying to tell you.  You will learn exactly what all those weird symptoms mean and what your body wants you to know.  You will learn to never doubt your body ever again.  You will embody it!  You will know that your body is for you.


What is My Body Trying to Tell Me?

If you have been wondering what your symptoms mean and what your body wants you to know, this class will decode all the messages for you.  Why do I have frown lines between my eyebrows?  Why is my hair going gray so early?  Why do I have these deep lines and creases on my neck?  They are all signs from your body! 

In Body Talk, you will learn to shift your perspective around your body’s communications and start to see them as the love language of your body.  No more frustration and quick cover-ups.  You will truly know the why behind the symptoms you are experiencing. And the class concludes with a live Q&A where you can bring all of your burning questions for Dr. Tonya Holcomb to address.  You will leave this course with real answers and a deep appreciation of your body.  Plus, you get lifetime access!

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