What if you knew exactly what your body was trying to tell you?


Your face holds a map.

Your tongue holds a map.

Your lips hold a map.

Your eyes hold a map. 

Your hair and nails give you great insight into your immediate health story. 

Outward signs and symptoms are how the body speaks without using words.

Body Talk is an amazing opportunity to learn the love language of YOUR body.

Isn’t it time you understand the meaning behind the messages that have been in front of you this whole time? 


You’ll draw profound connections between things like wrinkles, premature graying, acne, dark bags under your eyes, dandruff, ridges in your nails, moles, eczema — SO MUCH MORE –  and what it actually means about your mineral deficiencies, drainage pathways, toxicity and organ/glandular story.

Every day your body tries to get your attention with outward signs. These are important messages that your body is trying to share about what's happening INSIDE.

The more you know about YOU, the more you will be inspired to take an active role in your healing journey. 


Body Talk will empower you to interpret the outward signs and, most importantly, take that next step to address these communications!


Perspective Shift: Loving the Language of Your Body


Full Review of All Outwards Signs and Their Meaning + Includes Comprehensive Guidebook!


Exact steps to take right now to expedite the healing process. Plus, you’ll unlock a 30-day access pass to Dr. Tonya’s Cyclical Macro Calculator to simplify food as medicine - this is the ultimate path to weight-loss, hormone balancing, clearing skin issues, fertility and more.


Q & A

Lifetime Access to the Replays+ 30-Day Access to Dr. Tonya’s Cyclical Calculator

I’m a teacher, wife and mother. I’m a Naturopathic Doctor, a bioenergetic practitioner, an Emotion Code Practitioner and the founder of Fiercely Empowered Mama, FEMbabes, the Cleansing Circle and the Host of the Fiercely Awakening podcast. 

My mission is to connect you to naturopathy and the fundamental laws of natural living and healing. Naturopathy takes into consideration the whole person, addresses the root cause with a non-invasive approach using natural modalities and, most importantly, recognizes your body’s inherent processes of healing.

I work to support the health and true transformation of all — including women, men, teens, children, babies and even pets.


 Knowledge truly is power.

If you’re ready to take your health to the next level and feel even more freedom about doing things naturally… you don’t want to miss this program!


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