The Root Cause of All Disease

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When it comes to health, there is a certain way that our brains want to think about it.  We want things to make sense.  We want 1+1 to equal 2.  So, when we hear about a certain symptom, we like to think we know why that symptom is happening.  Oh, it’s genetics.  There is nothing that can be done.  We reach for something that makes the diagnosis make sense to us.  

Make it make sense

This is how we reason and accept disease.  But how limiting is it to think this way?!  We do it because we want disease to make sense.  Otherwise, what is the other option?  That any disease could strike anybody at any time?  That some people are just unlucky?

When we receive a diagnosis (a label), we feel safer reaching for a drug to suppress symptoms than listening to our body.  We think: My mother had this.  My aunt has this.  It’s genetics.  There’s nothing I can do except take the meds.

This is simply not the truth.

The root cause of all dis-ease is mineral deficiencies and toxicity.*

There are two main causes of all dis-ease. Symptoms manifest because we have deficiencies and mineral imbalances.  Symptoms manifest because we have toxicity and our drainage pathways are not open and functioning properly.  These are the true root causes.

Stress does play a factor, of course!  But ultimately the deficiencies and toxicities came first.  And then the body is unable to handle stress.  It all spirals out from here.

*(Emotional suppression is part of the picture as well, but for now, let’s look at the two main players. Because these matter for all of us!)

Looking at health from a new perspective

When you start to look at health from a naturopathic lens, there is no longer a mystery.  The body is constantly communicating.  You start to examine the terrain.  And you understand that all symptoms are caused by deficiency and toxicity.

This is great news! 

Because you are no longer chained to the meds, regardless of the side effects they are causing.  You no longer have to accept feeling helpless, that there is nothing you can do.  Once you know the root cause of dis-ease, you can start to give your body what it has been asking for. 

This path is available to you right now.

This is why I am calling you to join the Cleansing Circle

Have you felt the nudge inside of yourself?  Your body is speaking to you!  Inside the Cleansing Circle, we address deficiencies through nourishment, and toxicities through cleansing.  The Cleansing Circle is a first step on the path to true wellness, to the potential to feel better and better and get off the merry-go-round of “genetics” and pharmaceuticals.

The time is ALWAYS now. Join us today!


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