How to Address Energy for Optimal Fertility

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Everything begins with energy and that is true for conception and pregnancy as well.  Energy is how we are able to conceive and grow a baby.  But so many women today are burnt out, depleted and exhausted. 

Here is how I address energy levels for optimum fertility.

In my last post I discussed the importance of the thyroid and adrenal glands in generating energy for the body.  But how do we support these systems?  The main key to think about is metabolism.

Metabolism is the process by which our body converts what we eat and drink into the energy we need to function.  Our body needs energy first, so it can then give it to baby.  Changing the state of your metabolism, changes the way your entire body functions – including its capacity to create and properly use hormones. A healthy and regulated metabolism is what allows us to create life from a place of having our reserves full and our energy levels high.

When our body stops us from getting pregnant, it is a protective mechanism. 

You can override the system with IVF, but this does not address the root cause and does not guarantee a sustained pregnancy.  We have to dig deeper and ask, what is really going on here?

Take a look at your day.  Are you skipping breakfast?  Eating a quick snack for lunch? And then having a full meal for dinner?  Are you omitting entire food groups?  Avoiding carbs?  Many women are chronically under-eating.  They are not consuming enough calories and that turns down your metabolic rate.

As the metabolism slows down, the body’s ability to detoxify is compromised. The thyroid is impacted and slows down hormone production.  It depletes the body of minerals and progesterone.  Your body will steal your progesterone in order to make cortisol (a stress hormone that is elevated when in starvation).  Your body will literally break down its own tissues for fuel.  This is a super viscous cycle.  

We want all things to be working as optimally as possible for fertility. 

All day.  Every day.  Here are the big things to know about building your body for pregnancy:

Every time you eat less, workout harder, stay up past 11, or skip on sleep your body is experiencing a cortisol spike.  You are literally running on stress hormones and depleting your progesterone. 

Here are my top strategies for for energy (to create life):

  • Track your macros and increase protein.  Aim for 100 grams daily!
  • Pair protein with carbs.
  • Add in healthy fats
  • Focus on cellular hydration
  • Address minerals and vitamins
  • Offer sodium and potassium for adrenals
  • Magnesium
  • Get outside and get sunlight
  • Balanced movement
  • Sufficient sleep

This is the foundation work we do inside of FEMbabes.  You will learn exactly how to increase energy in your body, how to decrease stress hormones and replenish your mineral reserves.  In short, how to create the optimum environment in your body to support a baby.  Get on the wait-list for FEMbabes here!

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