Why am I Struggling to Conceive?

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There is an epidemic of women struggling to conceive.  And there’s a lot of noise about what to do about it.  Supplements to boost fertility, special diets, herbal blends to boost ovulation.  But none of these are getting to the root cause of what is actually going on. 

Why am I struggling to conceive?

Across the board, people are exhausted. 

And this especially goes for women.  They are dealing with low energy, fatigue, blood sugar dysregulation, running on stress hormones, and depletion.  What does the media tell you to do about it?  Women reach for coffee, stimulants, intermittent fasting and harder, faster cardio workouts.  And it’s not working.  And they’re not becoming pregnant.

Here’s the thing: true energy does not come from caffeine or workout routines.  If you need coffee to “turn on” in the morning, that is a big clue into what is really going on inside your body.

The thyroid is the star of the show when it comes to your energy levels. 

And when your thyroid has reached the point that you feel exhausted, depleted and burnt out, then a long time ago that point was already reached by your adrenal glands.  This is the bigger story.

So why is your thyroid so tired?  Many moms-to-be are under-eating, cutting calories, fasting and omitting entire food groups.  Dairy-free, anyone?  Low-carb?  These are all stacking against you and forcing your body to make energy using stress hormones - adrenaline and cortisol.  Your body is forced to break down its own tissues to make energy.

This down-regulates the metabolism.  Your temperature and pulse will drop.  This, in turn, depletes the body of minerals and progesterone drops.  Why?  Because when under stress, your body will steal from progesterone to make cortisol.  Progesterone is the “pro-gestation” hormone, essential for fertility.

Conception and pregnancy are a time of building. 

When you are in a place of burnout, you cannot create life.  You just don’t have the resources.  Everything begins with energy - it’s how you create and grow a healthy baby.  For a mama in today’s world, the key ingredient is energy!

In my next post, I’ll talk about exactly how to start addressing your energy levels to balance hormones for optimum fertility!

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