Why Mosquitoes Bite Some Kids More

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Is your kiddo a mosquito magnet? There is a reason for this and having more mosquito bites than others is a sign of communication from the body. Here are some reasons why this happens and how you can support your child naturopathically:

Why Mosquitoes Bite Some Kids More Than Others

Mosquitoes will be more drawn to a kiddo who is deficient in b-vitamins. They also are drawn to a kiddo with yeast or candida overgrowth. Ultimately, if your kiddo has a chronic yeast story, it points us to heavy metal toxicity and mineral deficiencies.  

When a body has a hard time moving through mosquito bites, or they are super reactive, this is telling us that the drainage pathways are sluggish. It tells us that it’s very easy for the system to become overwhelmed. 

When I see a kiddo is super reactive to bug bites, I see this is a BIG communication. And a big opportunity for healing!

I have so many case studies of FEM kids who through FOUNDATIONAL WORK are NO LONGER super reactive to bug bites! 

First step

This is always to BUILD the kiddo up. This is where I would focus on mineralization, plenty of saturated fat and real salt, FEMfusion for hydration and weekly detox baths. Second step, work with a Naturopathic practitioner to understand your child’s unique deficiencies and vulnerabilities. 

Make a Bug Bite Salve

I would also make this kiddo their own “bug bite salve” so they can apply it generously to their bites to help detox and ease the itch. Take a tablespoon of drawing sale and add 5 drops of Basil, Lavender or Purification essential oil. 

Excessive Bug Bites are a Communication

It’s normal to deal with bug bites, but when a kiddo is a mosquito magnet and/or struggles to work through bites or reacts loudly, we have to LOOK at the child’s terrain. They are not allergic, they are deficient. 

Building up the inner terrain is THE WORK we do inside of Fiercely Empowered Mama (FEM). Doors open only one time each year in the fall so get on the waitlist to be the first to know! Get on the waitlist for FEM here.

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