Spring Fitness Inspiration

#holistichealth #naturopathy #strength #weights #weighttraining Mar 27, 2024

Spring Fitness Inspiration

I’m officially starting the 11th week of my upgraded fitness regimen. Over the last few months, I have learned so much about myself, muscle health and weight-lifting. On the one hand, I’m celebrating how committed and consistent I’ve been and ultimately how far I’ve come. On the other hand, I feel like I’m just beginning - aka - a beginner! 

Here’s my biggest takeaway: Whenever you’re going for your next level, you’re always going to feel like a beginner. You can’t be an expert on where you haven’t been! It’s soooo important to trust the process and document the wins, the lessons and the micro shifts (aka the itty bitty wins).

When I signed up for this transformation process, I was so thankful I did it in the name of lifetime upgrades and not quick results. Of course, I want THE results yesterday or sooner... But that’s simply not realistic. The best stuff tends to take time!

I have found that when you do it for the process (and not the end result), life is SO much better. Plus, I’m secretly scheming how to make my lessons the shortcuts for the women I serve (which makes everything feel all the more purposeful). 

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to connect today to share with you some of the things I’m absolutely grateful for and loving as part of my fitness journey!

Some of my favorite things for weight training:

Barehand Minimalist Gloves:

There are pros and cons of wearing gloves, but for me right now, I love these!  I love how minimal the gloves are, but how they maximize my grip strength. They fit my hands perfectly and stay in place throughout my workout, protecting my hands from burning and calluses.  And they have a 95% bar feel so it feels like I am not really wearing anything! Barehand minimalist gloves.

Micro Gainz

When it comes to making gains, progressive overload is key. These fractional dumbbell weight plates are so fantastic for continuing to bump your weight up! Sometimes I can’t go up 5 pounds or even 2.5 pounds, but I can go up 1!  Micro Gainz.


I finally made a playlist of all the songs that are lighting me up right now! I’m excited to share this with you. I’ll be adding and deleting this list as I go. Push play for an instant surge of motivation!

(Fun fact: When I can’t find the vibe with the music, I still to this day turn to the Greatest Showman Soundtrack for an instant pick-me-up.)

Knee Help

Before I knew better, I had knee surgery for a torn meniscus. This was 16 years ago or so. On this journey, I’ve been very diligent with stretching but still at times was experiencing knee weakness communication (especially on leg day or with running). For those of you with knee issues, my chiropractor recommended wearing this. It’s seriously been such a game-changer and my knee has felt so good! I’ve also been taking glucosamine.  I swear I felt support instantly! 

Body Composition 

This is the scale that was recommended to me by my trainer to track my body composition progress. It’s a little too early for me to say I hands down recommend it, however, I do like knowing I have this on my team for additional data. I’m only using it once a month to check-in. Inbody Dial H2O.

MyFitnessPal App

I’m so grateful for this app! I know there are lots out there, and I really only have experience with this one, but it really does make tracking my macros so easy! If you want to learn more about the benefits of tracking your macros and how to get started, there’s still time to join me in Body Talk where I break this all down for you! Truly, dialing in my macros has profoundly supported my health upgrades!  My Fitness Pal.

Whatever it is that you’re passionate about these days, I hope you stay the course and enjoy the ride! It’s so fun to feel lit up!

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