Hereโ€™s What You Need to Know About Healing Eczema

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Today, one in five kids has eczema. It is a major communication that many mama’s are struggling to understand and heal for their littles. The symptoms and the parts of the body that are affected can differ but when it’s left unaddressed or worse, when symptoms are suppressed, it can become EXTREMELY severe. As a Naturopathic Doctor, I have helped so many kids find forever freedom from eczema. 

And here is what I know is the truth:

-Applying special creams is not going to address the root cause.

-Removing dietary food groups like dairy and gluten is not going to address the root cause.

-Giving your child random probiotics is not going to address the root cause. 

Eczema is multifaceted. 

Skin issues are always outward signs of inward problems and you have to get to the true root cause if you want your child to have forever freedom from this discomfort. It starts with understanding why your child is experiencing eczema and what the pathway to truly healing looks like. 

Here are the factors to consider when healing eczema:

Toxicity - When you think of chronic skin issues like eczema, think TOXINS AT PLAY. There is an obstacle INSIDE that the body wants OUT: bacteria, parasites, yeast, fungus, mold, heavy metals and environmental toxins. It’s often a combination of system/toxin overload.

Minerals - Having a low mineral base makes us more susceptible to toxicity accumulation. If the body were strong enough from a mineral standpoint, it would be able to rid the obstacle (toxins) more comfortably and efficiently.

Most skin communications start at the cellular level with the sodium-potassium ratio. Sodium and potassium are the minerals that your body uses the MOST on the cellular level. When there are skin issues, we usually see slow oxidation on an HTMA (Hair Test Mineral Analysis) profile. It represents dysfunctional metabolism, sluggish thyroid, and sluggish adrenals. We see this pattern SO often with kiddos today. 

Drainage pathways - These systems (such as kidneys, liver, lymph and bowels) NEED energy in the form of minerals to function. Often, one gland or tissue becomes overburdened first. It then begins to underachieve and another gland works harder to take over its function. For example: If the liver becomes sluggish, more burden is placed on the kidneys for excretion of toxic substances. Then kidneys become overworked and elimination may shift to the skin.

Gut health - Almost every child today needs some degree of microbiome balancing. When we see chronic eczema, it’s probable that they are also experiencing leaky gut. Leaky gut means foreign invaders (environmental toxins, bacteria, large proteins, etc.) will get through and make it into their bloodstream. The longer this continues, the more inflammation is at play and the symptoms will intensify.

Remember this: Skin issues are the body’s attempt to heal itself.

Eczema is not a steroid or antibiotic deficiency. Topical creams are not addressing the root cause, which is why they rarely offer a permanent solution. It just comes back again, right? We have to get to why it’s there in the first place and build the body UP to move the toxins OUT. 

How we heal eczema inside of Fiercely Empowered Mama

We recommend that all kiddos start with what we call Foundational Work. This means gentle mineral building, cellular hydration and drainage pathway support. Sometimes, this is enough to support the body. For tougher skin cases, we recommend a custom plan. We utilize custom muscle-tested protocols, Hair Test Mineral Analysis (HTMA) protocols to address mineral imbalances and/or comprehensive stool analysis to heal gut dysbiosis. There’s always a pathway to healing available.

This is why the work we do inside of Fiercely Empowered Mama is so life changing. Tapping into TRUE healing and creating real resiliency for our littles in this toxic world is a gift that keeps giving for generations to come. Get on the FEM 2025 waitlist here.

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