FEM Spotlight: Kelsey’s Journey to Deeper-Level Healing

#fem #healing #naturopathy #spotlight Jul 02, 2024

Here’s an incredible health story from a mama who said “yes” for herself and joined Fiercely Empowered Mama (FEM) to reach a deeper level of healing.

Inside of Fiercely Empowered Mama, you plug into everything that naturopathy has to offer and open the doors to radical and amazing health and life upgrades. Not only for your children, but for yourself, your partner, your pets and extended family members!

The following interview originally took place inside of Fiercely Empowered Mama, and this incredible mama has agreed to share her story of success with you, too. This will give you a greater taste of the work we do inside of FEM, and I hope these stories will inspire you with what’s possible when you say YES to the freedom path.

Kelsey’s Journey to Deeper-Level Healing:

Kelsey is one of the few FEMs who really intentionally joined Fiercely Empowered Mama for her own health story. Of course, the ripple effects of FEM have reached her family, but she was originally feeling called to seek healing that went deeper than managing and mitigating symptoms.

Kelsey was diagnosed with MS and really struggled with low energy levels. The biggest FEM mindset shift for her was realizing that her body wants to heal. Previously, she’d been told that her body “is confused and attacking itself”. But, inside of FEM, she found that simply was not the truth. After doing an HTMA, she had more clarity as to why she was experiencing the symptoms and the state of her nervous system. It all made sense. She started to mineralize and at the same time brought emotion code in to heal on an emotional level.  Ultimately, she has accessed a deeper level of healing.

Listen to the full interview in the video!

Here's How You Can Join FEM:

The doors to join FEM only open one time of year - in the late fall. If you desire mega upgrades in health for your family in 2025, learn more about the Fiercely Empowered Mama experience and get on the FEM waitlist.  Join here NOW! (link)

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