FEM Spotlight: Aleesa's Family Health Wins

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Welcome to FEM Spotlights

I’m so excited to share more and more Fiercely Empowered Mama stories of transformation and wins with you!

Once inside of Fiercely Empowered Mama, you plug into everything that Naturopathy has to offer and open the doors to radical and amazing health (and life) upgrades. Not only for your children, but for yourself, your partner, your pets and extended family members!

These interviews originally took place inside of Fiercely Empowered Mama, but I received permission to share them on my blog and social pages. This will give you a greater taste of the work we do inside of FEM, and I hope these stories will inspire you of what’s possible when you say YES to the freedom path.

Aleesa's Family Health Wins:

When you become a FEM, your whole family benefits, and that is certainly what happened to Aleesa.
 She started by focusing on nutrition for her picky eater kiddos by incorporating nourishing and mineralizing foods like bone broths and herbal infusions, gaining tremendous wins there.

Her husband was suffering from stroke-level blood pressure, anxiety and PTSD and was reluctant to try a holistic protocol. He preferred not to take anything and to "tough it out".  But, once Aleesa explained to him how his body was trying to communicate, he started a full protocol and within a few weeks was back to his normal self!

Another major win came when Aleesa’s daughter, who had been so sick as a baby with tubes put into her ears, now only has an occasional runny nose - and Aleesa has the tools and the confidence to treat her when the communication comes up. She knows that every time something comes up, there is always support. She has truly let go of fear and become the healer of her family!

Here's How You Can Join FEM:

The doors to join FEM only open one time of year (in the late fall). If you desire mega upgrades in health for your family in 2025, I highly encourage you to learn more about the Fiercely Empowered Mama experience (and get on the FEM wait list).  Join here NOW!


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