From frequent meltdowns to anxiety and anger - what you need to know to heal your child's nervous system.

Every single person has the innate desire to feel good. 

 When they don't feel good or something is not right, they can express this with big emotions or behavior issues. It can range from being inconsolable... to weepy and whiney... to anger and rage.

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You may think you're doing all the right things, so why does it feel so hard? 

But when you begin to understand:

  • How the brain works 
  • How children communicate their trauma
  • Toxicity inside the body
  • Mineral deficiencies
  • Sensitivities
  • And, all the things in between.

You begin to seek understanding vs. feeling triggered by their actions. 

You recognize that this is the call for healing. 

Because our children deserve to feel good. 

In this free class I'll talk about how to reframe our mindset when we show up to those big feelings our kiddos have.

When we are able to show up with an additional level of understanding, it can change everything. 

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Hi! I'm Dr. Tonya Holcomb.

I’m a Naturopathic Doctor, a bioenergetic practitioner, an Emotion Code Practitioner and the founder of Fiercely Empowered Mama, FEMbabes, the Cleansing Circle and the Host of the Fiercely Awakening podcast.

My mission is to connect you to naturopathy and the fundamental laws of natural living and healing. Naturopathy takes into consideration the whole person, addresses the root cause with a non-invasive approach using natural modalities and most importantly recognizes your body’s inherent processes of healing.