Episode 111: 10 Things You Won’t Regret Prioritizing for Your Health

Do you want to know which needle-movers are the most POWERFUL to focus on when it comes to your physical health as a woman?

In today’s episode, I share what I believe are the top 10. You’ll be forever grateful you made these a priority!

Listen in as I dive into:

  • The issue with food funks.
  • Being unsatisfied with food and feeling overwhelmed by what to eat.
  • What it means to be truly satiated. 
  • Why I’m SO giddy about sleep optimization right now.
  • What your sleep has to do with building muscle and enhancing beauty.
  • The number one area to focus on when mysterious symptoms persist or healing feels impossible.
  • And so much more! 

Not only will you discover the top needle-movers to focus on, most importantly, you’ll find out why being convicted in your choices and healing gameplan is highly recommended!

Doing the work is one thing, but having 110% trust in your body, trust in the healing process, and belief in your transformation story are where the shifts truly take place and the rewards are endless. 


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