Episode 110: Don’t Fall for the Perimenopause Trap

Here’s what we’re told: When you turn a certain age (hello, 40s), the majority of women are going to experience the symptoms of perimenopause.

In other words, it’s normal and potentially inevitable that you’ll go through a roller coaster ride of hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, weight gain, changes in sex drive, vaginal dryness, thinning hair and dry skin, mood swings, heart palpitations, migraines, frequent headaches and poorer concentration. And you’ll ultimately be at a higher risk for other dis-eases and complications.

Surprise! I don’t agree with this at all.

Yes, the symptoms are real, but the thing that's causing them isn’t what you think it is.

In today’s episode, I share with you:

  • The allopathic perspective on perimenopause.
  • Symptoms of adrenal dysfunction.
  • The overlap between perimenopausal symptoms and thyroid communication.
  • The copper toxicity connection.
  • And the emotional and mineral connection.

Ultimately, I invite you to opt out of the belief that there’s nothing you can do except “ride it out.”

All of the symptoms you experience from your body are communication and asks for help.

You do not have to live your life with fear of perimenopause symptoms or hopelessness about the healing process. The way back to feeling like yourself again is always going to be with balancing minerals and riding toxicity.

Your age is not the deciding factor for how you experience your health.


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