Episode 57: Rethinking How to Boost the Immune System for Back to School

Today’s podcast is inspired by all the posts I’ve been seeing online lately that are asking, “What should I do to boost my child’s immune system before they head back to school?”

And as you may have guessed, 99% of the time, the response they get back is a recommendation for elderberry syrup.

Don’t get me wrong, I love elderberry syrup. But it isn’t something I've ever done as a daily immune supporter for myself or my child.

My goal has never been for my kid to NOT get sick.

Yes, you read that right. I stand for true resiliency. I stand for the foundational work of mineralization and removing toxicity. I stand for trusting the body’s inherit wisdom and built-in detoxification method.

Acute illness is part of growing up. It’s time to embrace it. Because when we welcome acute illness symptoms — without interfering with prescription or over-the-counter medication! — we create space for our children to grow and build true resiliency. 

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