Episode 98: Mini Life Lessons — How Well Are You Listening?

Life is always giving us opportunities to check in with our truth.

In today's episode, I share with you a few mini life lessons that I’ve experienced recently.

In sharing how I process the tough and interesting things that come up in my life, I hope to provide you with inspiration and guidance on how to process what comes up in yours.



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As a mom, you’re constantly surrounded by perspectives… Everyone has one, but what’s your truth?

What does “normal” look like for your child when it comes to sleep, behavior, focus, mood, teeth, diet, skin, digestion, ear infections, energy…? The list goes on.

You can even take that a step further and wonder, “What does it look like when my child is THRIVING?”

It can feel overwhelming to try to dig through all of the opinions out there on this!

No matter the story, the journey to resilient health is always the same.

When you understand how the body communicates (and the many ways it works to serve us), you will be able to balance it.

And I can help you break it all down.

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