Episode 95: FEMspirational Stories: Eczema Gone & Other Amazing Wins with Jacklyn Shea

Do you want to feel inspired about raising your kiddos naturally and doing things your way? 

Are you curious about the big wins the women in Fiercely Empowered Mama are experiencing?

If so, this episode is for you!

Join me for this incredible conversation with Jacklyn Shea, a fifth year Fiercely Empowered Mama whose first big win in FEM was healing her son’s chronic eczema.

Jacklyn shares with you why she said yes to FEM, her biggest wins, what it means to walk this journey and some of her favorite FEM features.

We talk about:

  • How she found me and the FEM program in 2019.
  • Her son’s eczema story, the “big” protocol he had and how he is now healed.
  • The things we can do to support the body through the communication it's showing and how this gives us hope!
  • Other Wins that Jacklyn has had while being in the FEM program.
  • Laurel, a FEM leader and alum, and the FEM Hotline.
  • How the FEM features and community are here because of everything I experienced and wished for when I had my son.
  • The general health of Jacklyn’s children and how it's shifted with the FEM lifestyle.
  • Jacklyn’s favorite FEM features:
    • The Facebook FEM community.
    • Local FEM mentor groups and finding local resources.
    • Upgraded programs for alumni.
  • How when you first start the FEM journey, it’s for YOU. Then, through the knowing and doing of this work, you become a resource for those around you who desire to know more.
  • What Jacklyn would say to you if you’re on the fence about joining FEM.
  • How her confidence has shifted.
  • How she would describe FEM to someone who's never experienced anything like this before.
  • Why she recommends continuing in the program each year and how alumni-track, 3+ year FEMs have access to deeper conversations.
    • The intention behind FEM is that you join for a year, but we would love for you to stay forever and continue to grow and evolve alongside us in the program.


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