Episode 94: FEMspirational Stories: Raising World Changers with Jessica

When Jessica started in Fiercely Empowered Mama, her son was expressing loud nervous system dysregulation. It took all of her energy to manage his big feelings throughout the day.

She knew these were asks for help, but she wasn’t sure what to do next.

In today's episode, you'll hear her incredible interview with me. Jessica goes in depth on the transformation her child has gone through since she joined FEM just eight short months ago.

We cover nervous system communication, sleeping through the night, no longer being a picky eater, building up her son's terrain and so much more!


You'll hear us talk about:

1:15 — FEM member stories — doors are only open one time a year! 

2:50 — Jessica’s story about her natural health journey, and her son’s story that led her to FEM.

8:45 — The similarities that our children were showing, signs that they're "not okay" and nervous system communication. 

9:35 — Jessica’s wins with her son that she's experienced while being in FEM:

  • He's now sleeping through the night.
  • He now eats almost anything.
  • He drinks herbal infusion tea.

These big wins happened after a Care Clinic session and protocol with me.

17:11 — What the Care Clinic inside the FEM program is all about, and what came up for Jessica’s son.

18:22 — For some of our kiddos, we take extra steps to help create space when their systems are overloaded.

20:42 — Mindset work, how we need to unlearn before we can learn something new, and how Jessica built up her son's terrain. 

21:55 — In FEM, we talk about germs not being the bad buys. Other people don't get us sick; we must take responsibility for our own bodies and change our perspectives. It's OKAY to get sick.

22:43 — What is a natural tool kit and how does it grow and expands while inside FEM?

23:21 — EMF bracelets and their uses.

24:19 — Favorite FEM features: 

  • Integration Meet-Ups
  • The FEM Facebook community 

26:12 — The FEM Protocol Vault!

26:39 — Muscle testing + more coming in FEM 2024!

27:17 — Other natural health Facebook groups — one of the biggest challenges is that the answers are all over the place! With FEM you get a unified voice of support sending you on the same path.

28:34 — The FEM course and Ask Me Whatever Wednesdays.   

30:08 — Real Food Meetups with Stephanie + the adventure and determination to find RAW milk.

34:50 — What would Jessica say to someone who's on the waitlist for FEM 2024 but isn't sure if this is for them?

38:26 — The cost of the other way, the time that can be saved by getting to the root cause and changing the future in real time.

41:18 — The cool thing about FEM is the way we continue to grow and evolve the program together! 

42:38 — Jessica is an open book and willing to answer questions. If it feels in alignment with you, reach out and make a connection with her.

43:03 — The FEM waitlist for 2024 is open NOW! Follow this link to learn more.


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