Episode 87: The Messiness of Decision Making

Let’s be real. Making decisions is a massive part of life. Every day, all day, we are decision-making machines. 

Where we struggle most is with making the decisions that align to our biggest desires. We tend to sit on the sidelines of life, waiting to be ready, afraid to get it wrong. 

In today’s episode, I share with you the truth about decision making. And the truth is, when you’re making big-ish decisions, it’s going to be messy. You’re often going to find yourself in unexpected places, feeling uncertainly certain, facing another plot twist. 

It’s time to normalize this process. Because it’s only when you make a decision that the unfolding begins to happen. And while the unfolding is seldom a straight line, if you trust the path, it always ends up better — and often so much bigger — than you would have ever thought. 

Action: What decisions are pending in your life right now that need immediate attention? Where are you sitting on the sidelines waiting instead of deciding, taking aligned action and trusting in the messiness of the unfolding?


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