Episode 72: I Get To

Are you often moving through your day, from one to-do to another, in the energy of all the things you have on your list?

Do you notice that the more you have to do, the faster time goes by?

In today’s episode, I share with you a powerful and timely message that came through to me in a dream AND how it instantly shifted my reality.


Plus, I share the importance of dreaming when you sleep, what to do if you’re not dreaming, and/or if you hate having dreams because they're usually dark and scary. 



FEMbabes is a one-stop resource for everything I want the parents I serve to know about fertility, preconception care, consciously conceiving, and showing up to pregnancy feeling fully empowered in knowing why and how to nourish mama and babes.💜

We cover a lot of ground, including:

⭐️ The best dietary/lifestyle and supplements to support fertility.

⭐️ Understanding the causes of infertility and miscarriage — including genetic issues.

⭐️ Understanding what influences egg health (because without a healthy egg, you don’t have a pregnancy).

⭐️ Understanding the significant role that healthy sperm has on fertility and the future health of a child.

⭐️ Learning how to restore male fertility.

⭐️ The significance of the adrenals and thyroid in fertility health, and how to know if this is part of your story.

⭐️ How to nourish your body and baby throughout pregnancy and troubleshoot symptoms/communication (all, of course, from a naturopathic lens). This will include nourishment/supplement protocols for the first, second, third and fourth trimester.  

⭐️ Understanding how to support your body if you’re like me and over 35 years old.

If you're interested in joining me in FEMbabes, the doors are open through March 22, 2023, and they won't open again until next year!

Learn more and join me here.


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