Episode 61: Your Autointoxication Wake-Up Call

Toxicity is NOT just what we're exposed to. It’s what is stuck and stagnant in our system.

Many of the health problems that we live with are problems we can control by getting rid of what should be moving through our systems — not collecting them. This collection leads to autointoxication.

I guarantee, after listening to this episode, you’ll understand how much our bowel health impacts our full health. You’ll see how quickly missed bowel movements compound toxicity.

Because even if you’re having daily, healthy bowel movements now — has this always been the case?

As you listen, you may even put a missing piece together in your personal health story…

Pain in the back, neck shoulders are linked to bowel toxicity. Fatigue, brain fog, pesky skin issues, hormonal health —even peace of mind — are all linked to bowel health.


Fast Track Your Bowel Health & Your Health Overall

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