Episode 51: Is Healing Your Fascia Your Next Health Upgrade?

Earlier this week, I had a conversation with Jennifer Feldman about the fascial system, what it is and why it's SO important. Facia is our structure, our essence, everything that makes us, us. There's so much beauty and power in healing it. 

You will learn SO much from this one episode. I can guarantee you will have an ah-ha that could very well be the breadcrumb for your next health upgrade. 

Our bodies reflect our lives. And there’s a level of health we can have that’s much better than having no pain.

Join me in this episode to learn more about how this therapy effectively removes restrictions physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. 

When we take the power back by working on ourselves in this way, it can shift the outcome of our lives.


Jennifer and I talk about:

  • 3:21 — What the facial system and facial releases are.  
  • 6:34 — How this therapy effectively removes restrictions physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically, and how, ideally, we want to be as young as possible in our fascia. 
  • 9:14 — What we can learn from watching our pets about using pandiculation to upgrade our fascia. 
  • 13:48 — The types of cases Jennifer sees, how she figures out what’s going on and how she works with her patients to problem solve. 
  • 17:00 — A whole new way of looking at posture — how it’s not a diligence problem and good posture doesn’t start in the upper body. 
  • 20:44 — How trauma is stored in the fascia and plays into aspects of our whole being, and what we can learn from ducks about releasing it. 
  • 28:59 — How Jennifer reads the body from a physical plane and draws connections to who her patients are as people, and the emotional releases she sees during their sessions as they heal the energetic body.  
  • 31:47 — Accessing the level of health that’s much better than no pain and how there’s always an upgrade available — getting to a state where you’re living a higher-level life. 
  • 35:32 — Being here for the ease and flow, and the almost instant radical upgrade I experienced during my session with Jennifer. How quickly facial sessions can turn into truly pivotal times of expansion. 
  • 36:41 — Knowing what you want and having the ability to do it. Fully embodying your life and whatever you desire without anything holding you back. Finding clarity and improving your ability to make decisions by going to your body and getting back into the physical. 
  • 38:37 — The ability to feel your body, feel your organs — physical awareness is what we’re going for.  
  • 41:31 — How a woman would benefit from this work in their menstrual cycle and during preconception, pregnancy and postpartum. And Jennifer’s personal experience with this — as a new mom, she’s super passionate about this work for women and their pregnancy journeys. 
  • 49:04 — My experience giving birth, Jennifer’s perspective on pelvic flexibility and the potential for incredible birth experiences when we’re tuned in to the body. The importance of the position of the baby in your body. 
  • 53:04 — The role facia plays postpartum and the importance of body work in fully completing the delivery — feeling wholeness postpartum. 
  • 57:29 — How we can care for our facia, where to get started and all the easy, free things you can do at home starting now. Taking the power back in working on ourselves. The way 5-10 minutes of doing these things every day can shift the outcome of your life. 
  • 1:02:55 — Pandiculation and the issues with over-stretching. The power of mindful, contracted beautiful movements. 
  • 1:06:22 — Joint mobility and stability and the ways they relate to the parasympathetic nervous system, anxiety and feeling solid in the world. 
  • 1:08:58 — How to connect and work with Jennifer — if you’re not local to Grand Rapids, she does work virtually and can also recommend a practitioner in your area.


About Jennifer

Jennifer is a myofascial release practitioner, therapeutic bodyworker, and owner of Limitless Movement in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As a professional classical musician, she had an injury that led her to seek out a way to heal herself. She sought out masters around the country and spent the next ten years studying various types of bodywork, psychology, and movement therapy modalities. After over a decade of study and practice, Jennifer now works with others to help them find freedom in their own bodies and minds. Her practice is a combination of myofascial release, physical therapy, Chinese medicine, and personality development. Jennifer is also trained in Coaching Psychology and integrates those methods into her emotional release work with clients. 

Learn more here on her website, Limitless Movement.


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