Interview With Dr. Melonie on All Things Birth, Babies & Breastfeeding

Episode #27

In this episode, I had the honor to sit down with Dr. Melonie and just have a real, raw and open conversation about birth, breastfeeding and all the things in between.

We each share a little bit about our personal struggles as new mamas and how — in really big ways — they shaped how we serve.


Meet Dr. Melonie

Dr. Melonie Schoenherr is a Prenatal, Pediatric and Family Chiropractor, as well as a lactation consultant, wife and mama. After all of these years of trying to figure everything out, well, she’s still trying to figure everything out!

In all seriousness though, defining who you truly want to be and who you want to help in your career and profession may not be revealed to you until you go through some rough waters yourself! After four miscarriages, an "unneccessarean," and her son egressing in, which all led to her journey with her daughter, she can definitely say that she redefined what it means to be a “prenatal, pediatric and family chiropractor.”

Dr. Melonie's favorite mamas to work with are the mamas who have been beat up by the infertility train, hit by the bad-birth dump truck and then drug alongside the struggle bus . . . (So basically every veteran mom out there!)

Her new baby, aka her online course, “Baby’s Beautiful Beginning,” is the culmination of mommin’ through the eyes of neurologically based chiro who focuses on tone and relaxing babies through cranial sacral work while combining her lactation expertise by addressing the underlying cause of baby’s latch issues. Her main focus is to have a system that a mom can implement to her own unique situation, instead of changing mom and baby to fit into a system that was never made for them in the first place.

Dr. Melonie lives in Michigan with her husband Dan and their two beautiful children, and she practices as a solo practitioner at Spine, Body and Mind Chiropractic and Wellness Center.


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