Episode 31: Conversation with Dr. Dustin McIver on the Innate Intelligence of the Human Body & Owning Your Health

Episode #31

In today’s episode, I had the honor of sitting down to chat with Dr. Dustin McIver. This conversation is truly full of passion for the capacity of the human body.

We go many places in this conversation — but it all comes back to this: Do you know the magic that is possible when we show up for what the body is asking for and move the obstacles out of its way?


More About Dr. McIver

Dr. McIver is a husband, father, and an artful chiropractor at Northside Chiropractic. After obtaining his degree in Biomedical Science at Grand Valley State University, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia to attend Life University where he earned his doctorate in Chiropractic.

Dr. McIver is passionate about the advancement of the chiropractic profession and furthering the art of adjustment. He trains extensively with Kairos Training Culture, one of the leading groups within the profession, to advance the level of artistry and competency of the chiropractor. Every patient deserves the best and it is important to always be training to be able to deliver the best. His knowledge of the body and the role interference plays in the systems has given him an unusual perspective on health that he shares with all of his patients.

It's time to dive in and get to the root of problems and feel empowered that your body is a self-maintaining-self healing organism that is capable of amazing things. Dr. McIver wants to help every patient realize this greatness and become the best version of themselves. Vibrating and resonating at a frequency that will change the world! 

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